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See who walked the "Red Carpet" of the most expected event of the year on Sunday, 22 February.
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Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Feb 26, 2015


Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite...   Today, January 26th GOSSIP GIRL DAY in NYC!  If you've heard the  phrase above…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Jan 26, 2015
LITHA - Southern Hemispherepic

LITHA - Southern Hemisphere

☼ 0/ HAPPY LITHA! For Wiccans, witches in general, pagans or who has affinity with the seasons, is a day for those who live in the Southern…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Dec 20, 2014

Song Of The Day: Feel by Bombay Bicycle Club (Little India Remix)

Hey, guys! I love music and share it is even better. I bring my first post The Song Of The Day. Well, The "Song Of…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Nov 01, 2014
BELTANE 2014 - Southern Hemispherepic

BELTANE 2014 - Southern Hemisphere

Here, Southern Hemisphere was Beltane! Great celebration! Blessed be! #Octuber31
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Nov 01, 2014

Marimoon's Birthday

On the Marimoon's 32th  birthday, I'm posting a gallery with many pictures of her leaving the  world much more colorful. Happy Birthday, Marimoon!
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Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Sep 27, 2014


2014 VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS  (GIFS) Some gifs of the recent award most talked about from  
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Aug 29, 2014
MAGICLIFE - Yule Ritualpic

#MAGICLIFE - Yule Ritual

Beautiful Yule Ritual in Alto Paraiso de Goiás (Brazil) at Pousada Casa da Lua (July 04). Though the Winter Solstice was on June 21 in…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Aug 03, 2014
Me by Ronald Mllerpic
That's Fashion! CHANEL Fall-Winter 201415 Haute Couture Fashion Showvid

That's Fashion! CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture Fashion Show

For those who weren't tuned into the fashion world in recent days, this video summarizes how glorious work in fashion. The collection  CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 (Haute Couture) by Karl Lagerfeld…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Jul 20, 2014

Jay Z & Beyoncé Knowles > The On Run Tour

The On Run Tour The first informations about the joint tour between Jay Z and Beyoncé  are in circulation. During the north american summer, the couple will make a series…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Apr 27, 2014

Lollapalooza Brazil 2014

Lollapalooza Brazil ("Brasil" in portuguese) in 2014 was a great success. The event took place on 4 and 5 April in São Paulo, at the…
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Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Apr 14, 2014

Learn The Lyrics: Safe In Hands - Badly Drawn Boy

Hey, everyone! I'm back with the "Learn The Lyrics". I hope to do it more often here.  The song chosen for the fourth "Learn The Lyrics"…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Mar 23, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres: A Star Illuminating the OSCARS 2014

Ellen DeGeneres returned to the OSCARS in big style. Yes, Ellen had been host of the OSCARS before. This year, the comedian lived up to…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Mar 03, 2014

Do You Like Short Films? Check Out "Stalker"!

Many people like short films. Producing, filming, acting can be together when it comes to an independent production. In a project named Câmera Cotidiana 2013…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Mar 01, 2014

My Favorite Magical Scenes In Movies

Hey, everyone! In this post brought 4 movies I loved watching when I was a kid, the scenes are focused on magical situations and flights, especially.   1…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Feb 18, 2014

London Fashion Week: Winter 2014 by Matthew Williamson

The Fashion designer Matthew Williamson dives headfirst into the world of colors and brings the winter 2014 to catwalk a collection full of textures and…
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Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Feb 17, 2014
Wellcome, 2014! Bonne Anne!pic

Wellcome, 2014! Bonne Année!

Happy New Year to everyone! O/  
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Jan 01, 2014
Hayley Williams vs. Lord Voldemortpic

Hayley Williams vs. Lord Voldemort

Of course, Hayley wins  with the power of love.
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Dec 21, 2013

Rewinding the tape: Do What U Want (2013 AMAs)

Lady Gaga performs Do What U Want with R. Kelly Have you watched Lady Gaga's performance with R. Kelly at the AMAs 2013? No, then check…

MALEFICENT - Big Bet Disney

The most beautiful villain of all time The Official Teaser Trailer of Maleficent, new bet Disney which has Angelina Jolie as the character who gives name…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Nov 13, 2013
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